Reader contest: We drink, you decide – A new motto for the USA

co1bert flagThe United States of America will soon become the largest wine drinking country in the world. It depends on whom you ask, but some time in the next year or two or five, we will be downing more of the fermented fruits of the vine than any other country–including France and Italy. Of course, they still tower over us with 52 and 46 liters per person respectively while we manage only about 13 liters per American (somewhere between a third and a half of Americans claim never to drink alcohol).

So we have to be ready: we need a motto. Britain did it. Then Freakonomics blog urged their readers to come up with one for America in six words. Collectively, we drink and now YOU can decide: Post your suggestions in the comments here for America’s new motto as the top wine consuming country.

Ray Isle, who writes his own excellent blog (now with pictures!) when he’s not giving wine seminars in Aspen or writing his wine column for Food & Wine magazine, will join me as a mini-panel of flag pin-wearing judges. We will cull through your suggestions and select some finalists for your voting, starting next Tuesday.

wine politicsAnd to up the ante from our usual prize of mere “glory,” whoever submits the winning slogan will win a signed copy of my just-about-released book, Wine Politics: How Governments, Environmentalists, Mobsters, and Critics Influence the Wines We Drink. That’s right, the book that tells the story of wine in France and America through the lens of industry politics could be yours for the Fourth of July.

So put down your flag for a second and start typing your slogan for America as world wine leader!

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35 Responses to “Reader contest: We drink, you decide – A new motto for the USA”

  1. One nation, under the table.

  2. Syrah or Shiraz, we don’t care.

  3. “Home of the red, white and cru.”

    Oh, yeah! Also, I was thinking we could rip off that Toby Keith song and just say “Courtesy of the red, white and cru!” every time we polish off a bottle of wine. Add in some “Whoooo!”s and gun-shots afterwards for a more homespun effect.

  4. Give me Wine, or give me Death!

  5. Drink Wine or Die!

  6. This Wine is Your Wine

    This wine is your wine, this wine is my wine
    From California, to the New York Island
    From Monticello, to the Napa Valley
    This wine was made for you and me

  7. E Pluribus Vinum.

  8. OK, one more…In Sots We Trust.

  9. No wine left behind


    Truthiness through wine

  10. Wine: Fair and Balanced

  11. wine: Its whats for dinner

  12. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of drunkenness!

  13. Drink red, white and never blue

    Just got your book from Amazon in the mail and am excited to start reading.

  14. I suspect that Jasmurph’s suggestion may be very fitting for many American wine drinkers…

  15. America: Great wine without the attitude since 1976.

  16. Americans drink more wine than you!

    I say, we say what we mean…leave nothing to interpretation!

  17. In Vinum nos fides

  18. Or…..
    Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

  19. America: Letting No Wine Go Undrunk

    We Drank; A lot; We Win

    America: No Whiners…Just Winos!

    America: Where Wine Goes To Be Drunk

  20. Here’s a few:

    America: Finally realizing that zin is not sin

    Veni, Vidi, Vici, Vino

    America: The greatest consumers on earth

  21. Flok troima gif gelbul!

  22. Where wine pours, there is my country: America

  23. Nice list of slogans. Testament to a good group of readers. How about a twist on Ryan’s:

    Wine: it’s what’s with dinner.

  24. 1. America in 2009: Our time to shine with wine! (like it)

    or ….

    2. America in 2009: It’s our time for wine. (love it)

    3. America loves to get her grape on!

    [while rapper Missy Elliott’s song “Get Your Drink On” is playing, regular Americans of all ethnicities and ages, but emphasizing youthful drinkers in urban settings, are laughing, having fun, eating and drinking wine — BTW, this is an average weekend for my friends and I so we should be in this commercial!]. (love, love, love it lol)

  25. Send us your Red, your white and your rose….
    We drink it here – so they don’t have to drink it over there….
    America – fighting sobriety, one varietal at a time….
    Per capita consumption – lets all pitch in!

  26. “Hedonism! Damn the consequences!”

  27. America: Where red is in, but Merlot is Sideways.

  28. My entry to describe the New Wine Order…

    America: Where the streets are paved (flooded?) with wine

    Ich bin ein Imbiber, Boyce

  29. -Glug-

  30. Wine Anytime: from the freezer, to the oven,
    to the table.

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  32. God Bless America, Home of the Classy Drunks!

  33. “Have some wine and win’some fame”

  34. […] new motto for America, soon to be the top wine drinking country in the world! Katie of Ramsey, N.J. suggested it and you voted […]

  35. Удачи вам! Я думаю у вас все получится 🙂


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