Your tax refund: how would you spend $600 on wine?


Today is the deadline for tax filing. But soon enough, we’ll all be getting those rebate checks for $600! Yay! Why spend this economic stimulus on, say, ten days of health insurance premiums (grrr) when you could spend it on wine!?!

So if you could spend your whole rebate on wine, how would you do it? A case of $50 bottles (not including sales tax)? Five cases of $10 wine? Or the cork on a gold encrusted double magnum of champagne?

Hit the comments with your thoughts!


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12 Responses to “Your tax refund: how would you spend $600 on wine?”

  1. Mine is going toward a wine refrigerator rather than more wine.

  2. $600 is a lot on my budget. I can’t even imagine how I’d spend that much money, but I suppose I’d take a horizontal tour of some Burgundy villages for a year that’s drinking well now.

  3. I’d spend it on Brunello’s (’01’s)and Barolo’s (01’s and 04’s)….as far as it would go depending on the price per bottle. At my local wine store, with the case discount, I’d come close to getting 12 bottles.

  4. A case of Scholss. Diel Rose, some Lynmar Quail Hill pinot, and another bottle of that ’93 BV Latour that K&L is selling for $40 bucks (!!) a bottle.

    Great post Tyler. Way to keep the dream alive!

  5. I guess I’d get a mixture of grape and price, but probably each bottle would be in the $30-$75 range, since a tax rebate is a good reason to splurge. So many good choices. Maybe 2 bottles each of Altesino Brunello, Chateau Montelena Cab, La Scolca Gavi, Palmina Pinot Grigio, Palumbo Syrah and Regusci Cab. If I had a little $ left, I’d pick up some really good olive oil and bread. Mmmm. I’m getting thirsty so early in the morning. Why are you torturing me!!! We have four kids, so the likely reality is we’d be spending most of it on them.

  6. We easily spend that much on the wine during our semi-annual wine-buying trips to the Okanagan … so I’d use $600 to buy a case of Quails’ Gate reserve yumminess.

  7. A late summer trip to Napa baby! They’re probably tired of visiting me 🙂

  8. two words…..grower champagnes.

  9. Since my wine fridge is out of space I would go for 10 bottles of 2004 Chateau Sansonnet for my cellar and 8 bottles of 2001 Trimbach Gewurztraminer for my food fridge. Summer is coming and I can’t keep enough white wine around my house.

  10. Anyone have wine for sale? I am interested in Margaux, LaFeit, or other French high end wines. Thats how I would spend my tax refund, if I got one but probably will have to pay as always.

  11. I’d hunt down $600 of wine from my birth year and invite friends to share it with me on my birthday.

    Cheers, Boyce

  12. The latest shiraz offering from Hundred Acre. Too bad I have to spend my $600 elsewhere because I’d love to get my hands on that 3 pack.


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