Spot the spoof: the week that was

vino_mundo_gay_crianza.jpgHere are five stories from the past week. Which one was the April Fool’s story?

* Ribera Del Duero “opens minds” with wine aimed at gay community

* “All of the luxury, none of the guilt;” a new “eco-fur” made from possums.

* Bordeaux wine magnate will release first Japanese wine from vineyard on Mt. Fuji

* Sign of the times: Paris Pawn shops now taking wine

* Robert Parker to be immortalized on film; played by Javier Bardem

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7 Responses to “Spot the spoof: the week that was”

  1. See, I would have guessed: “New, alternative packaging resolves carbon footprint, food-wine dilemmas”. Honestly, edible wine boxes? Who are you foolin’?

  2. I was convinced it was the Bardem-Parker story. I found nothing about the movie on I guess we’ll have to wait to see Bardem as Prker saying “Call it, friendo”.

  3. Check out A true conservationist…

  4. These all seem completely plausible, not a one would shock me in the least

  5. I’m guessing it’s the wine-in-French-pawnshops story that’s the spoof, because I recently read the January 12 post on Vinography which reported that EU laws have made wine making such a bureaucratic mess that the French are producing less, and consuming less, than ever before. (Buried in the comments to that post is the news, from Decanter, that Moet & Chandon was fined $50,000 for having rose petals in an advertisement that were too pink and therefore too suggestive of happiness.) Why would the French need to pawn their wine if they’re not buying as much as they used to?
    — But wait! GAAAA! The pawn shop story is true. (See Vinography, again.) OK, it must be the oppossum thing. Or else none of them are spoofs at all.

  6. Glad this was so much fun!

    As Macgregor points out, it wasn’t the possum fur! Here’s the story in the WSJ.

    So that leaves – Robert Parker played by Javier Bardem, which indeed was a spoof from Loved the Bardem as mass-murderer pic.

  7. […] updates by email (right sidebar). Thanks for visiting!The response was great to the last “spot the spoof.” So we bring it back! Which one of these items that appeared since the last edition is not […]


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