New, alternative packaging resolves carbon footprint, food-wine dilemmas

In an effort to solve two of wine’s largest problems, the food pairing conundrum and the carbon footprint, Franzia has today announced the ideal solution: wine in an edible box.

The box is made from lightweight materials, which reduce the carbon dioxide emissions during transportation. But the packaging materials are also edible since they are made from a corn-based corrugated cardboard with a soy-based plastic bag on the inside. The wine brand is called Food n Wine Box.

“We wanted to do more than have a low carbon footprint,” said Anthony J. Franzia, Senior Vice President of Product Development, in a press release. “We wanted to have zero need for recycling the box and bag. With the packaging of Food n Wine Box, whoever squeezes off the last glass has the first dibs on digging into the delectable box.”

The boxes of the wine are available in different flavors. Robust Red has a hint of BBQ sauce embedded in its molecules. The Summer Sippin’ White has notes of grapefruit.

Chef Homaro Cantu was a consultant in the product design.

For more details, click here.

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13 Responses to “New, alternative packaging resolves carbon footprint, food-wine dilemmas”

  1. Seems to me human methane emissions will be an issue… so to speak…

  2. Prima Aprilis!

  3. I fell for it! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. And here I was trying to figure out what wine to pair with it!
    Bon poisson d’Avril

  5. Next: Edible bottles

  6. I saw that Rachael Ray already has recipes for the boxes!

  7. Lmao! Great prank. It’s actually almost believable.

  8. Funny, but when I was traveling in India we would give our paper and cardboard to the many cows wandering the streets. Apparently those city dwellers thought it was a good substitute for grass as they would eat it right up.

  9. Verrrrry clever.

  10. Where and when will this rush to be greener than green end? Is this really a good solution or just a means for creating a marketing buzz?

    How ’bout getting grocery stores to stop storing all of the white and rose’ wines and beer in open coolers 24/7?

    Or if you’re already drinking Franzia (and not sure why you would), you can surely either wait 30 minutes to chill it at home, or you really need the fix right when you get home, throw a few ice cubes in your glass, right?


  11. Nominated for the first ever James Beard Darwin awards…

  12. Gee, the new wine packages ought to kill off a lot of people who are allergic to corn, or soy. We wouldn’t even have to eat the corn/soy package, since the wine would be contaminated with the allergens. Neat way of population control, I guess. Way to go… NOT!

  13. So, how is this edible packing going to be packaged if consumers are exected to eat it? How do you eat it? How do you clean it after it sitting on the stores’ shelves?


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