Wine madness: final eight teams – vote now!

winemadness.jpgWine Madness, the tournament that has captivated the dozen people who like both wine and sports, now moves to the quarterfinals thanks entirely to your votes and hilarious comments!

For this round, you need to vote the wines you want to see in the next round by commenting on this post. After the jump, see the remaining eight teams and post a comment to decide the Final Four!

See the whole bracket here.

Two Buck Chuck advances, defeating Franzia in an intra-family grudge match. Beringer White Zinfandel cruises past Wine Sight For Women. Now it is a supermarket store showdown as much as it is a wine brand showdown – Trader Joe’s vs Safeway. Have your say in calling this game!

JJ Prum edges out Trimbach in a close matchup in the Riesling division. An all-German Riesling game ensues as Cinderella Weingut Keller advances in a narrow victory over #1 seed, Dr. Loosen! How will Klaus-Peter Keller do against JJ Prum? You make the call in the comments!

In the Parkerized wine bracket, MollyDooker from Australia and Ornellaia from Italy rolled to easy victories over their Spanish and French rivals. Quite a contrast of styles and price points here – hit the comments with how you see it playing out.

And in the natural wine bracket, both the games were hard-fought. Cappellano from Piedmont beat the Beaujolais bad boy Thivin to advance. But at the end of regulation, Coulee de Serrant and Puzelat were TIED with the same number of votes! So the judges had to turn to the comments and, in the final analysis of the tape, the reasons for Puzelat advancing were funnier! So it’s Puzelat who gets through to face Cappellano in an all Louis/Dressner quarterfinal. You decide the winner in the comments!

Voting for this round will close at 11:59 PM on Sunday. Come back to vote in the semifinals and final next week!

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5 Responses to “Wine madness: final eight teams – vote now!”

  1. Great to see a close match up in the supermarket bracket. And picking a winner is a tough call since the entire Two Buck Chuck range is up against a single variety made using an unfortunate method… in a close call, I’d give the win to Beringer.

    The Riesling bracket is much more of a blow-out with JJ Prum handling the young team from Keller with superior vineyard selection and solid D.

    MollyDooker is now unstoppable with Pappellano taking the natural bracket.

    Should be a great semifinal round!

  2. Chuck

  3. For the record, I am immune to March Madness and all fantasy implementations thereof, unless you have a Sci-Fi themed March Madness. But then, that would draw out the truly strange people (looking around furtively).

    I don’t like Two Buck Chuck, but have the feeling that it’s unstoppable, due to Trader Joe’s being it’s corporate backer.

    I knew that Riesling having its own bracket was a mistake, see what you’ve done? I will go with JJ because my eye is drawn to repeating characters (trust me, it’s as good a system as any).

    As for supermarket brands, Mollydooker is another one of those teams that is likely to go the distance, so I’ll ride their coattails.

    Finally, I can’t say as I know any of the natural wines (who PICKED these?), so I’ll flip a coin and go with Cappellano.

    Now I need to go take a shower, I feel so dirty.

  4. Of course, my grammar takes a back seat during the weekend.

    By “As for supermarket brands”, I think I meant to say:

    “Just as Two Buck Chuck is with the supermarket brands”.

    There, I feel a little less dirty now.

  5. […] check out Wine Terroirs. And don’t forget how well Thierry Puzelat did as the Cinderella in Wine Madness! Permalink | SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Thierry Puzelat: rebel winemaker”, url: […]


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