Impossible food wine pairings: breakfast for dinner!

From a reader:

So we went nuts and had breakfast for dinner. Poached eggs for the wife, fried eggs for me. Hash browns, turkey bacon. A little tomatillo salsa for me, on the eggs.

Let’s rule out champagne or mimosas. What wine do you have with breakfast, when you’re not eating it in the a.m.?

It’s an interesting question. But I find this pairing to be driven more by what’s on the plate than by the time of day. So why rule out Champagne? It might just make this…possible! Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Image: istockphoto with permission

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14 Responses to “Impossible food wine pairings: breakfast for dinner!”

  1. A white. Pino gris or an un-oaked chardonnay.

  2. I would go with a Rose. I like a nice dry rose with my breakfast dinners, especially when it includes an omlette.

  3. Sherry is actually the perfect match for such strange pairings as eggs … give it a try!

  4. I agree with Rose, though only in the warmer months. To take it even further… Rose of Syrah, like the one from Montes in Chile. Cheers!

  5. A nice dry Riesling or a good hoppy beer. I have stopped after an afternoon hike in the Schwartzwald and had a nice big slab of rye bread and a few eggs and potatoes – it’s great with the local beer or a simple, dry white.

  6. I love Champagne with fried eggs, specially with a runny yolk and frites (in EVOO, please).

  7. I guess Chenin Blanc will strengthen the taste of the turkey bacon, or Riesling. If you should go red, Pinot Noir will do.
    Me thinks.

  8. beaujolais villages served cold, to get specific, chamette’s 06 or duebuple’s 05 or 06(sp?), great reds with eggs, though Ideally a great local beer; I’ll no doubt try the rose later this year, that sounds great!

  9. If I can’t have Champagne (or other sparkling wine), perhaps a flavorful Pinot Grigio? I’m thinking of a bottle of Pinot Grigio Colle Ara that’s sitting in my cellar now; I had one about 2 months ago, and the sur lie aging has lent it a nice complexity, and some similarity in both nose and mouth to Champagne, sans bubbles.

    Other than that, perhaps a dry sherry, as Danica has recommended. A Fino, maybe?

  10. Champagne breakfasts are very traditional over here in the UK. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to try Champagne with your morning breakfast – yum!

  11. I recently made an omelette recently for’s weekly food pairing and would wholeheartedly recommend a nice glass of dessert wine, be it a Riesling or Muscat.

    Why a dessert wine with eggs? For the same reason you’d have one with a pudding, crème brûlée or gateau, of course.

  12. I would pick an ample, but dry austrian riesling, a smaragd from emmi knoll with a few years of bottleaging, for example. yumm yumm

  13. How about a nice Arneis from Piedmont, Italy. Versatile and fun!

  14. Howabout a sparkling lambrusco or bonarda? Grapey, good with fatty bacony stuff, but more sexy than champagne.


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