Forget the saber. Try opening champagne with champagne!

Peter Liem found this gem of a video (54 secs). Funny, this is the EXACT SAME way that I open my 1996 Cristal! What a coinkydink! Valentine’s Day grandstanders can really impress with this method of opening–and have two bottles open to boot.

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13 Responses to “Forget the saber. Try opening champagne with champagne!”

  1. Speechless. (well… typeless)

  2. それはすごい!

  3. ほんとに…?

  4. holy cow

  5. I guess you might call him a corkslinger? What is it with party tricks that leads people to spend years practicing and developing skills that, let’s face it, are generally pretty useless? Oooh, I just had an idea. I wonder if I could do the same thing with a golf ball and a driver……Great Blog by the way.

  6. I tried to practice this, but after the third bottle opened, I was waaaaay to drunk!

  7. Let’s see him do with still wine!

  8. Someone has to get this guy on Letterman.

  9. Move out of the way Gary V! You now have some competition.

    Benjamin Saltzman
    Wine Reviews at Chateau Petrogasm

  10. That blows!

  11. […] sidebar). Thanks for visiting![Before launching into this post, be sure to get a laugh with this spectacular, poppin’ Champagne video from Japan, posted here earlier this […]

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  13. […] the best way to open Champagne? Well, the best way bar none is to be like the Japanese bottle slinger. Next best, try to go for the world sabering record in one minute. But if you really want to open a […]


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