Where in the wine world are we? Low yield edition


Talk about low yield per acre! Hit the comments with your thoughts on where this striking mystery vineyard is. First one to get it right wins our respect and admiration–and a link back to your site if you have one.

UPDATE 1/28: Congrats, Andrea! Unfortunately I included a link to the image initially, which may have given some people an advantage. But thanks to those who commented!

Indeed, it is the very impressive growing climate of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, specifically the valley of La Geria. Only 100 miles or so from Africa, the vines are planted in black, volcanic soil in slight recesses to capture the scant water and protect against the winds, as the semi-circular stone walls also do. Extreme wine making! Has anyone ever tasted the wines? Or visited? See more shots of the vineyards.

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17 Responses to “Where in the wine world are we? Low yield edition”

  1. Stromboli? (one of the Eolie Islands, south Italy)

  2. I have to correct myself!

  3. Pantelleria off the coast of Sicily?

  4. tenerife?

  5. Windy vulcanic island, exuberant-crazy winemaker, has to be Lanzerote

  6. Hawaii.

  7. Etna

  8. Santorini, Greece?

  9. Actually, reminds me of “La Geria”in Lanzarote, so I’ll have to agree with Andrea who got there first. Haven’t tried the wine though

  10. From the looks of the ridiculously volcanic soil I’ll jump on the bandwagon with Lanzarote.

  11. Etna

  12. Island of Pico, Azores

  13. Etna

  14. montserrat

  15. I visited Lanzarote about 12 years ago and did visit one of the wineries there. Their rather unique method of growing grapes greatly intrigued me then. I tried a few wines though I don’t recall the specifics, though none of them really stood out as anything special. Since then though, I do very much enjoy a dessert wine, El Grifo, which is made on Lanzarote and which is available in the U.S.

  16. The Canary Islands, I believe.

  17. […] quite tasty. From Lanzarote’s black soils and distinctive, low-yielding viticulture (as we discussed once before) come the wines of Los Bermeos. From Gran Canaria come the high-altitude, peppery wines of Fronton […]


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