Photo caption: have your say with Paris Hilton prosecco!


Paris Hilton endorses Rich prosecco (which comes in a can, find this bubbly). Caption this photo from the promotional materials below!

Quotage from the press conference in Berlin: “I changed all the light bulbs to energy safe light bulbs and I’m buying a hybrid car right now,” Hilton said, adding that she also turned off the lights at home, didn’t leave the TV on or the water running when she left the home. “Little things that people can do every day to make a huge difference.”

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21 Responses to “Photo caption: have your say with Paris Hilton prosecco!”

  1. Drink this prosecco and all your clothes will fall off, you’ll be covered in gold goo and you’ll be parched as heck when you find yourself in the middle of the desert and not able to move because the gold goo has hardened making you a very scary and thirsty statue.

  2. I heart Paris. Why? Because she never attempts to be anything other than what she is. How would YOU act if you grew up rich in a penthouse with a staff on call 24/7? Just like Paris Hilton, that’s how! She’s one of the most “genuine” famous people I can think of.

  3. Spoofilated people for spoofilated wine. It’s so fresssssssh.

  4. “It took me hours to get ready to sun bath and now there’s no sun! I guess I’ll open a can of sparkling and tie one on!”

  5. “When did I get ass?” I’ve seen the video. That’s PhotoShopped on! Or, maybe it’s the prosecco?

  6. “Some women bathe in Champagne. I have so much money, I melt down a few tons of gold bullion and swim laps in it, then crawl around this desert we own to dry. Rich prosecco sure makes a lovely mouthwash afterward.”

  7. Please see supplemental brochure for volume one of new product-specific government warning

  8. Warning: consumption of any amount of this alcoholic beverage will impair your ability to drive a motor vehicle, and may cause herpes

  9. Prosecco?! Give that woman some water! Can’t you see she’s been abandoned, naked in the desert?!

  10. you know what, they’ll sell everything!
    dont hate!
    good job marketing dep.
    next is Borat on a Label 🙂 Great Sucess!

  11. I was going to go with “all that glitters…
    but I think “energy saving porch light on, but no one’s home” might be better.

  12. “That’s hot”

  13. The Hilton Sahara isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  14. The Sahara Hilton isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  15. You too can come in a can.

  16. My damn chihuahua drank Rich prosecco and had diarrhea all over me. Isn’t it hot?

  17. Now THAT’S cosmetic jewelry!

  18. You can drink my can and then your can can look like my can.

  19. An Icy Cold Rich prosecco melts away my troubles… I’m Golden for Rich prosecco… It’s hot!

  20. Thus Shat Midas

  21. […] photo from his flight to Munich last week: yes, he ordered the infamous Rich prosecco in a can! (We captioned their poster girl Paris Hilton last year.) Oddly enough, I’d just been noticing an increase in wine appearing in airline ads from […]


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