Giveaway: Signed copies of How’s Your Drink, by Eric Felten

felten.pngEric Felten saved the James Beard awards. When he arrived at the ceremony last May, he saw that one of the the three cocktails he had selected to be made was using fake lemon juice. Eegad! Faster than you could say “shaken AND stirred,” he dashed out to the nearest Jamba Juice and had them squeeze a half a gallon of real lemon juice. He saved the Sidecar at the ceremony.

His passion for purity may have won him acclaim from the attendees but it was his superb cocktails column in the Pursuits section of the Saturday Wall Street Journal that won him an award later in the evening.

This holiday season, his excellent, slim volume, entitled How’s Your Drink is available, published by Surrey Books. It’s doing phenomenally well, already the third best seller in Amazon’s drink category (and currently on backorder!). It’s small wonder since the rich stories engagingly put the 50 cocktail recipes in their social and historical context.

I shared some Torpedo Juice with Eric last week at the Pegu Club in Manhattan at his book launch party. I asked him if we could give away three signed copies to readers of this site and he gladly started signing.

To win one copy of the book, all you have to do to qualify for a random drawing is post a comment here saying what is your favorite cocktail. Post your comment by midnight on Friday to qualify. Check your email or this post over the weekend to see if you won.

How’s Your Drink, by Eric Felten, Surrey Books (Agate), $20

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57 Responses to “Giveaway: Signed copies of How’s Your Drink, by Eric Felten”

  1. Favorite cocktail is Chambord Martini

    1 1/2 oz vodka
    Chambord® raspberry liqueur
    1/4 oz fresh pineapple juice
    1 twist lemon peel
    Cranberry Juice

    Great martini

  2. A Sidecar with fake lemon juice? I can understand his horror!

    As for my favorite…jeez. I’m going to say Black & Tan (the rye cocktail, not beer). Rye and blackberries, what’s not to love?

  3. For me, its got to be long island ice tea.

    For people in NJ, according to me it’s best served at Herbert’s Pool at Seacacus. (

  4. I don’t know … educate me.

    Uh, Long Island Iced Tea? Don’t know what that is even — maybe I’ll learn if I get the book!

  5. Amechad, here’s a start –>

  6. Gin and Tonic

    I recently found out about Fever-Tree tonic which is awesome. It’s amazing how the biggest part of the drink is usually taken for granted.

  7. A Slo Comfortable Screw
    Probably more fun to order or offer than to drink, but…

  8. This book sounds really interesting! I’ve never been a big fan of cocktails, but lately I’ve been looking to expand my horizons and sample more mixed drinks. Good timing.

    My favorite cocktail is the screwdriver.

  9. I’m partial to what we called the “Texas Tea.”

    A Long Island Iced Tea with a shot of Malibu. Not really sure how it got its name or where it came from initially, but it was the most popular drink my senior year at the one bar in my small college town in New Hampshire.

  10. My cousins and I always picked the olives out of my grandparents martini when we were young enough it was cute (~2 yrs old) I always thought olives tasted funny until I had my first martini.

    The gin martini is easily my favorite cocktail, both for the memories of my grandparents and because it tastes so good.

  11. I generally prefer vodka on the rocks, with no mixers. But when I do have a cocktail, my favorite is the traditional Screwdriver, vodka and OJ.

  12. No question – a SIDECAR!! Deeelcious!

  13. Well, really they go in phases, changing with seasons and tastes, but a dirty vodka martini with onions and olives is a classic that I always welcome.

  14. White Russian, like “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski: vodka, Kahlua and milk.

  15. Very tough to pick one. I’ve always been partial to a martini (gin or vodka) but also love a good Manhattan (with bourbon).

  16. Favorite cocktail:
    A Sidecar is quite nice; a Mojito properly made is wonderful; a Negroni in an old fashioned red sauce restaurant in New York is great but my favorite has to be a Daiquiri served at la Floridita in Havana.

  17. manhattan with Vya sweet vermouth and Old overholt Rye…oh yeah and Italian liquor soaked cherries….mmmmmmm

  18. My favorite cocktail is the chocolate martini. The one I like has Absolut Vanilla and creme de cacao in it. Very tasty.

  19. Definitely a Manhattan.

    Just had a great one at Bemmelman’s in NYC last week…not cheap but a worthwhile holiday splurge to be sure!

  20. Negroni. Heretic that I am, I often substitute vodka for the gin. It’s the Campari & Vermouth that really do it for me, I suppose.

  21. Daiquiri- ideally made with key lime juice and a really nice rum.

  22. Lately I’ve been enjoying a simple Bombay Sapphire and Tonic with a twist of lime.

    Although my girlfriend loves Mojito’s and when made well, I enjoy them too.

  23. I think the current popularity of the Mojito is awesome, but my soft spot for a good lemon twist martini ekes out a narrow victory.

  24. I like vodka covering about a dozen ice cubes in a shaker and shook 60 times then an excellent olive or onion placed in a fabulous martini glass poured without the ice, but slushy.

  25. My husband makes the best Old Fashioned I’ve ever had, so I’d be apt to say that…but if he’s not around, I love a well-made Godfather. And though it’s not truly a “cocktail” by definition, I am a Cuban that thumbs her nose at the Mojito craze and begs instead for a “Saoco” which is an old Cuban drink made with fresh coconut water and white rum…preferably served in the shell of the coconut itself!

  26. maker’s mark manhattan. with a lime (oh, the horror!)

  27. Ketel One and Tonic!

  28. A well made manhattan with rye with a twist of lemon, and leave the damn cherry out!

  29. A Nagroni (Hopfully I spelled it right)

    Equal Parts, Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Campari, garnish is burnt orange. served over ice or stired like a martini either way works and tasty

    Equal Parts preferably 1oz

  30. Low-Carb Margarita

    Sugar-free Margarita mix and good dose of Tequila

  31. I’ll take Manhattans in the the winter and White Ladies in the summer.

  32. The Dark & Stormy…sweet, spicy and wrapped in acid! MMMmmmmmmm, yes please!!!

  33. Gin and tonic. Gordon’s gin from a glass bottle, freezer-cold. Glacier brand ice. I don’t have a tonic preference, though. (I haven’t experimented, and I’m open to suggestions.)

  34. I love a great margarita as well, the Tequila makes all the difference in the world as does a little Gran Marnier and orange juice in addition to the lime. My current favorite Tequila Corralejo Añejo.

  35. a gin martini … made right!

  36. Don Q Crystal with cranberry juice and twist of lime.

  37. For me, it has to be the Caipirinha. Nothing is better than a little sugar, a little fresh lime juice, and a whole lot of cachaca- its nice having Brazilian friends who can bring you the real stuff back from their trips home!

  38. In the summer, there is nothing that beats a daiquiri.

    In the winter… oh! I need a winter drink!

    Seriously, I usually fall back a glass of Port straight up! 😛

  39. A Beefeater’s Gin Martini, with a healthy does of a good vermouth, on the rocks.

  40. Alfonso Special — Grand Marnier, gin, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth and angostura bitters. Prefer mine drier than the original recipe…

  41. A margarita – fresh lime juice, Grand Ma, simple syrup, blanco tequila, no salt on the rim.

    That with a wine back.

  42. Dirtyish Vodka martini with olives stuffed with something wonderful!

  43. I sneak a drink of something on occasion and stare longingly at martini’s until rewarded with an olive. Oh yeah, I’m a dog.

  44. the Bernard Goetz special
    one screwdriver and 4 shots!!

  45. Gin martini, dry and cold.

    (Runners-up: campari and soda, Pimm’s and soda).

  46. Japanese Slipper

    1 part Midori melon liqueur
    1 part Cointreau orange liqueur
    1 part lime juice

  47. Campari & O
    (Campari plus orange juice)

  48. It’s Cosmos all the way for me.

  49. 2 parts Lillet Blanc
    1 part cognac

    On the rocks. Shaken, if the mood strikes you.

  50. Gotta be a Gin and Tonic for me

  51. Mt Gay and Tonic, half a lime.

  52. Tanqueray or Sapphire and tonic for everyday. French 75 for special occasions. Pimm’s Cup at Napoleon House as soon as I get off the plane in New Orleans.

  53. My wife and I are partial to a Maker’s Mark and soda with a twist.

  54. Hendricks and Tonic, or a fine single malt scotch (which doesn’t really count as a cocktail)

  55. Wow, what a great thread this turned out to be!

    I went over to and generated three numbers–SPAZZNiBLET, Saul M, and Mark Marino, come on down! Well, at the very least, let me know your mailing addresses.

    This was lots of fun. Enjoy the book.

  56. […] On a related note, Saul M, Mark Marino and SPAZZNiBLET were chose at random as winners in the How’s Your Drink giveaway. […]

  57. the Barack “O bomba”
    one pint of stout
    one shot half bacardi O / half kahlua


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