Where in the wine world is he? Prize edition


Where in the wine world is he? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

Correct responses (region and country) will be entered into a random drawing for the paperback edition of The Emperor of Wine, by Elin McCoy. This book is a new paperback and will ship directly from Amazon.com.

As a bonus, also post a caption for the photo and your name will be entered in the drawing twice. Comments must be posted by Monday Nov 26 to be eligible. Drawing happens Tuesday so use an email that you will have access to that day.

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26 Responses to “Where in the wine world is he? Prize edition”

  1. Golan Heights, Israel

  2. I guess Chile. Caption: “My father’s father worked the vineyards, my father worked the vineyards, and now the grape doesn’t fall far from the vine.”

  3. Oops, sorry to waste more cyberspace but you asked for country and region – so please edit my guess to say Casablanca Valley in Chile even though I am probably in the wrong hemisphere even..

  4. Mendoza, Argentina, perhaps Zuccardi’s.

  5. Rias Baixas, Spain

  6. Brazil?

  7. Vino Verde, Portugal

  8. Barossa valley, Australia

  9. “Either I am shrinking or these vines double in size overnight!”

    My guess – Greece

  10. Mendoza Argentina. Juan! Donde esta el bicycle pump?

  11. “Frodo Baggins better destroy that damn ring or I’m going to be making wine for that sulky serpent Saruman!”

    Mendoza, Argentina

  12. I got the last one right, even though I didnt enter, this time I’m not so sure. Thinking Portugal here…

  13. The soil and trellis style instantly reminded me of Swan Valley, Australia out near Perth. The kahki, hat-style and fair skinned vigneron is consistant with that, and the wisp of (maybe) a eucalyptis tree in the background would not be inconsistent with that location. The bicycle and apparent erosion make me think more third world-ish, though.

  14. After studying the picture closely and analyzing different things within the picture, I think it is definately located in the outback region of Mukwonago, Wisconsin.

  15. Going for the Bekka valley, in Lebanon… 🙂

  16. Australia… for some reason the hat seems to scream aussie to me

  17. california petit syrah

  18. I can’t help but see a similarity with the vineyards near Bangkok, Thailand. But it looks so dry in that picture, I’m not sure.

  19. I really don’t have a clue, but it isn’t in any of the vineyards I’ve been in lately (NZ, Germany, Austria and central Europe).

    I did want to write and thank you for the Wines of France which you sent to me (in Britain) last December or January.

    Thanks to the postal system (and my aunt and uncle leaving it in a cupboard for several months swearing they didn’t have a package for me) I’ve now received it. So, cheers Dr Vino.

  20. Craig –

    Thanks for the update on the book you won in December. I’m so glad it finally connected with you!

    Sounds like you’ve been to some fun places in the wine world. Send in some photos and we’ll try to guess where you were!

    As to this photo, yes, wow, a tough one given the wide range of guesses. I’ll give you a hint though–the correct location has come up in the comments! And if you’re not sure as to where, a caption alone will get you in the drawing for this one…

  21. The soil looks like Mendoza. I’ve never seen vines that tall in Mendoza, but I’ve certainly seen them that old. So I’m guessing Mendoza, Argentina also.

  22. The soil looks like Mendoza. I’ve never seen vines that tall in Mendoza, but I’ve certainly seen them that old. So, if it isn’t too late, I’m guessing Mendoza, Argentina also.

  23. Technically its Tuesday here, but who knows…..
    My guess; Rias Baixas, Spain. And for a caption: “Look what I found… Uncle Juan looking for his glasses which he lost of few days earlier, pruning the vines.”

  24. […] Where was the small man with the big hat? Or was it a big man with a small hat–and even bigger vines? […]

  25. […] Where was the small man with the big hat? Or was it a big man with a small hat–and even bigger vines? […]

  26. I live in Mendoza. It´s Mendoza, Argentina


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