Kids at wineries, let the voting begin!

Following the controversy generated by a recent poll on this site about banning kids from wineries, we add another poll! But this one has content from you, dear readers, of this site! Grateful for all the photos, the hastily convened Kids At Wineries Committee surveyed the submissions and picked the top five–wait, top six with a late and provocative entry crossing the line! They were all very cute–well, except for that last one that the Committee included for diversity.

Unlike the previous poll, this one has prizes! A complete set of children books by Michelle, my wife, starting with Urban Babies Wear Black and running through the just-about-to-be released Winter Babies Wear Layers. Five books in all, with a black onesie, and a grape juice box thrown in for good measure, these prizes will go to the person who submitted the photo here with the most votes as of Sunday the 7th.

So without further ado, to the photos!

#1. From Damon

#2 From Alastair while at Craggy Range, Gimblett Gravels, New Zealand (note grape-stained fingertips!)

#3. From Josh, at his Capozzi Winery in Sonoma

#4. From Amy, with kids foot-stomping Mourvedre last month at her La Gramière in the Rhone

#5 From Elizabeth while at Ridge Vineyards, Santa Cruz Mountains (one lad eating 2007 grapes–Monte Bello?)


#6 from Mark, who may just have voted pro-banning in the original poll, while at Chateau Petrus?!??

poll now closed
UPDATE 10/8: you can still vote, but for the purposes of the prize, Josh has been declared the winner with 47% of the votes cast! It was a very close race so thanks to all those who voted and to those who submitted pix.

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14 Responses to “Kids at wineries, let the voting begin!”

  1. Great photo.

  2. Let me clarify and state for the record that, as the submitter of #6, I did NOT vote against kids at wineries. Except at Chateau Petrus. And that my mad Photoshop skillz are not available for hire, should anyone be clamoring for my assistance. Ahem.

  3. Sorry I missed the entry period for the contest! One of my favorites is of my daughter testing the Brix (sugar level) of some Barbera juice with a refractometer before fermentation.

    Technically it wasn’t wine yet but she does take her job as my assistant winemaker very seriously. Punching down and pitching yeast are her specialties. 🙂

    Fun post. Thanks.


  4. I absolutely LOVE this contest. I only wish I could have contributed to it with photos from past field trips to wineries, but sadly, they were school property. Such is life! The photos above are fantastic, and I truly hope this conversation will continue, whereby diminishing the power we’ve chosen to give alcohol. Eventually, more posts like this can alter our relationship, our perception, of children contributing to winemaking and wine in general. What a dream!

  5. Can you say pretentious?

  6. Yes, all these kids are too cute for words, two in particular are as beautiful and unique on the inside as on the outside. These apples don’t fall far from the vine, or the orchard for that matter.

  7. Totally agree with Gabriella. I like the subversive nature of this whole thing which is why we participated.

    There are well meaning folks who, in some way, equate a picture of a child at a winery with a picture of a child in the middle of a pile of cocaine or some equally noxious narcotic. I’m happy to lend a hand (and a pic) to fight that perception.

    With that in mind I’d say this is the least pretentious wine related post, well, ever. Dr. Vino is a freedom fighter! Viva Dr. Vino! 😛

  8. Thanks for all the comments — and the votes! This has turned into quite a race–if it were on television, they would love the lead changes. Polls close tonight so get your votes in!

    LK and other skeptics, don’t forget to vote cage! (On a related note, one of my (adult) friends wrote to see if he could get in the Petrus cage. Mark–is this a new business opportunity for you?)

  9. Sure, all the kids are cute. But seriously, Damon should have won. JMO

  10. […] Care to guess the price? I imagine the glass case is included. Be the first to guess correctly and you will win…OK, not the bottle. Just our respect and admiration this time–or maybe an hour in Mark’s Petrus cage. […]

  11. […] Care to guess the price? I imagine the glass case is included. Be the first to guess correctly and you will win…OK, not the bottle. Just our respect and admiration this time–or maybe an hour in Mark’s Petrus cage? […]

  12. Got to be #2!

  13. Some of these photos are adorable, but Im not really sure i agree that kids should be at wineries…

  14. You shouldn’t use children with booze. This is the perfect example of poor parenting. Come on, grow up.


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