Which state drinks the most wine per capita?

Steve Heimoff asked about per capita rates in last week’s wine trivia question. So this week I give you the biggest question of them all: which state has the highest wine consumption per capita? (population over 21)

Answer and data source will be revealed in 24 hrs. Until then, the comments are open. Go for the glory and be the first to answer correctly. And go for the double bonus points if you can also guess the correct amount (gallons per adult per year).

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18 Responses to “Which state drinks the most wine per capita?”

  1. I was going to say Nevada because they drink the most beer there…but something tells me that New Hampshire might actually be the frontrunner.

  2. I’ll guess New Hampshire with about 6 gals per New Hampshirer.

  3. Washington DC

  4. With the constant flux of visiting dignitaries at its state dinners, I think it’s Washington DC (though technically not a state). But consumption? Oh, maybe 1 gallon.

  5. California.

  6. And the winner is…

    DC with an estimated 3,700+ bottles

    Given that DC is not a state New Hampshire is indeed the nextr on the list, also exceding 3,000 bottles.

  7. Those figures I mention are per 100 people (as published in Adams Wine Handbook 2004)

    And yes, I looked it up on the web.

  8. I could believe NH “sells” the most but many people from MA travel over the line to purchase.

  9. OK we all Googled. I found this just as interesting: The States with the lowest per capita consumption were [in 2005] Kentucky, Iowa, Arkansas, Mississippi and West Virginia, with 1/8 the consumption of Washington DC!

  10. I think it would be New York. They have the wineries and demographics to put them near the top.

  11. If Washington D.C. can be considered as a state, then it would be the highest with over 3700 bottles consumed. Otherwise, New Hampshire would be considered highest with over 3100 bottles.

  12. I think it’s Idaho or Iowa. Something like that.


  13. […] readers of this site showed off just how smart they are by rapidly answering the question about which state consumes the most wine in America. In fact, it was a trick question because it is our nation’s capital, Washington, […]

  14. To me the interesting question is why wine consumption in the US is so low. According to the Oxford Companion to Wine the US consumption in 2003 was 8.7 litres (about 12 bottles) The corresponding figure for Australia is 21.3l (about 28 bottles). These figures are based on total population, not just over 21, but the proportions would not change much.

  15. Can you tell me how much wine was consumed at restaurants in Washington, DC in 2006?

    Thank you

  16. I am looking for demographic data on the consumption of WA state wines by state & by price. It seems difficult to come by.

    District of Columbia is tops, I would bet, due to the population of politicians per capita. Just a thought.

    Kind regards, Charles

  17. It’s probably…California

  18. I’m sort of surprised to see that big cities like San Francisco were not highly rated for high wine consumption. I have travelled to the Bay area a few times in my lifetime and had witnessed a substantial amount of wines consumed a various restaurants and bars. Plus the Napa Valley region is within the Bay Area’s vicinity, that houses among the most prestigous wine vineyards in the world. As for Indianapolis, well it kind of makes me wonder how a city known for drag racing became number one for the most wine consumption. Salt Lake City, now that would definitely shock everyone to believe if this city had consumed a high amount of wine or any other alcoholic beverage. We can all credit the Mormons for being so infleuential in keeping the consumption rate so low, after all the Mormons don’t “booze around!”


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