A partisan in the war of the rosés

I had a fun time helping out Slow Food with a wine tasting last night at Plates restaurant in Larchmont, NY.

After the event was over, Mrs. Vino and I stayed to have dinner at the bar. Our dishes (plates?) were great, prepared by chef Matthew Karp who, along with the amiable Wendy Weinstein Karp, owns and runs the restaurant.

I was amused to open the wine list to find page one declaring “It’s National Rosé Month!” Since I had apparently missed that memo, I asked Craig Muraszewski, the wine director, about it. He said that he had personally declared it national rosé month, “within these four walls.” Funny stuff. Oh, and he said the National Rosé Month runs from June til Labor Day…

I tried to snap a pic with my cameraphone of Craig’s “top ten reasons to drink rosé,” as listed on page one of the wine list, but it was too low-lit so I’ll re-type them after the jump. I particularly liked #9 for all its randomness…

10. It’s a refreshing summertime favorite
9. The anti-Bush wine
8. Be romantic and drink the wine of love
7. It’s the wine with the most elegant bouquet
6. It’s the wine that will make you “blush”
5. Not sure you want red or white? Compromise…pick rose
4. It’s almost as good as giving flowers…maybe better…
3. Men look great in pink
2. The Grateful Dead used to pound a bottle before each concert
1. Because all the cool people are doing it…and so should you

I actually poured one rosé at the tasting — the strawberry-dominant, Shinn Estate 2006 (find this wine) from Long Island. Thanks to Lenn for the local tip!

Of note: Wednesday is BYOB night at Plates!

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3 Responses to “A partisan in the war of the rosés”

  1. National Rose Month? Wow. I think this could cause some fighting for spots with other wines eh? I love the top 10. And yes, number 9 is the best reason. I am constantly having to defend Rose, explaining the difference between a Rose and a Blush. It seems apparent once tasting, but wine makers aren’t always clear about what is inside their pinkish hues. Seriously afraid of drinking another white red, I go for the European versions. It’s safer for those of us who are determined not repeat the White Zinfandel trend.

  2. Great to see the push towards rose continues to gather momentum everywhere. Probably the most exciting wine styles entering the market everywhere. Makers giving rose the attention it deserves are reaping the benefits. As well as the more international varieties there are lots of exciting wines made from carmenere or sangiovese which is a great introduction to the variety itself for those who take little steps. We are all pink on the inside!

  3. I’ve been a long time rose fan (I’ve got a post here about my conversion in the South of France, actually, along with a recipe for grilled prawns that were paired with it). I do have a question for you though . . . did the Grateful Dead drink a bottle of rose before each concert?


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