Mondavi, points, boxed wine, futures – all quotes edition – tasting sized pours

House of Mondavi’s crumbling foundation
“But by early 2004, Robert Mondavi Corp.’s reputation for high-quality wines had eroded, and the House of Mondavi was rent by conflict. His hand-picked successor, son Michael, had been removed as chairman, and the Mondavi family was on the brink of losing control of the company. Indeed, behind Michael’s ouster was a closely guarded secret: Robert faced a personal financial crisis that threatened to embarrass him and destroy his legacy.” [WSJ, with video!]

Are wine ratings pointless?

“A wine gets rated one time — a nanosecond in its life cycle,” says Sebastiani winemaker Mark Lyon. “From then on, its fate is determined. Aren’t wines always evolving? Shouldn’t they be rated every year?” From a story by W. Blake Gray in today’s SF Chron

Slow drinkers
“Boxed wine really does keep for six weeks, but would we keep one in our refrigerator for that long? There are so many interesting, affordable wines on the shelves that we’d rather taste several wines than one in a big box.” – John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter. But what about the low low price per glass if you can find a good one?!? [WSJ]

Do futures have no future?
“Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to play this game? I hope 2006 will not be a success. I hope it will really show the Bordelais the shortcomings of the system.” –Jancis Robinson in a podcast on Bordeaux futures, aka “en primeur”

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2 Responses to “Mondavi, points, boxed wine, futures – all quotes edition – tasting sized pours”

  1. “Aren’t wines always evolving? Shouldn’t they be rated every year?” – well, sure, but who’s to say the bottle in Monkton, MD is in the same condition that the one you might have, which, say, has traveled to California or London?

    More seriously, there’s already more wines than can be rated…imagine even rerating the ones that scored 90pts from the WA. The head explodes. But critics like Parker and Meadows are re-rating older wines they recently taste – Parker in the Hedonist Gazette, and Meadows in his online database.

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