Lambrusco, lambrewski

Some might think Jim Hutchinson and Jeremy Parzen wacky: they are importing lambrusco after all. If you remember lambrusco, it might be from the cloying Riunite whose marketing department declared “on ice…so nice.” (As recently posted in a comment, with video!) Ack.

So why lambrusco? Because it’s actually great stuff, fast on its way to becoming my Wine Of The Summer 2007. That’s right, purple fizzy stuff.

It’s great on a deck, with food, especially mortadella, a specialty also from the Emilia-Romagna region. And at 11 percent alcohol, it’s light and refreshing. One writer I was talking with about lambrusco said it’s kind of like the old Schaefer beer whose slogan was “the beer to have when you’re having more than one.”

Jim, Jeremy & Co (formally known as Domenico Valentino Selections) are importing lambruschi–or lambrewski if you prefer–from one producer, Lini. They are available at the wine shop Vino, I Trulli restaurant and the hipster wine bar and stealth restaurant Centovini in Manhattan. These boutique wines bear no resemblance to the mass-marketed lambruscos.

The white is fun. The dry red has great red fruit, vigorous bubbles, and some serious tannin–it is more fun. But the real winner in my view was the dry rose. It has a beautiful delicate notes of cherry and strawberry and good acidity.

So chill, pop, nosh, and enjoy the new wave of lambrusco. And like a beer, there’s no corkscrew needed!

New York wine shops, a map
New York wine bars, a map

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11 Responses to “Lambrusco, lambrewski”

  1. I don’t know Lambrusco but reading your article, it seems that Bugey Cerdon (VDQS, rosé) is a quite good challenger for your Wine of the Summer 2007 contest ! 😉

  2. It’s all about Sparkling Shiraz. 🙂 I recently enjoyed some next to a lovely stream after a great hike in Boulder, Colorado. Australians drink it on Christmas Day and it went really well with my Thanksgiving meal this past year. Refreshing and delicious, give it a try!

  3. […] Pieropan). Or a Moscato d’Asti (sweet, lightly fizzy dessert wine; try the Giovinale). Or a lambrusco (purple or pink fizzy wine such as the Vezzelli). And those are just some Italian […]

  4. […] grabbed panini at ‘Inoteca recently, that was about the reaction of Mrs. Vino to my glass of lambrusco, purple fizzy wine. Dry tannins on the finish and a grapey quality made it not exactly her cuppa […]

  5. just spent 4 weeks in Italy and Switzerland. by far my favorite wine was the labrusco we had while we were at Castlevetro, and the maranello area. We ate some of the best food in that region as well. my favorite is the amabile rose.

  6. Lambrusco is amazing I stumbled on it yesterday, everyone that tryed it loved it

  7. […] a group! And deservedly so with a beautiful balance of sweetness and acidity. (find this wine) * A lambrusco, however, remains unfinished. Fun, purple, fizzy wine but a tannic monster! * The Domaine Guion […]

  8. I tried Lambrusco for the first time at Olive Garden. I am not a wine drinker at all! But man was this good. I am hooked on it now. I have been looking for it in al stores and will start drinking it from now on!

  9. i try lambrusco at olive garden and n never had drink wine or beer before. -nd when the bartender offer me to try lambrusco man that was a good taste you cand hardly taste the alcohol its pretty good and sweety has a great taste i recommend you to try it.

  10. We have some fantastic wines in our region.

  11. Lambrusco is the best!


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