What do wine geeks want for Father’s Day?

With Father’s Day closing in this Sunday, inquiring minds might want to know: what do wine geek dads want as gifts? I polled three wine bloggers who are celebrating their first Father’s Day.

The Brooklynguy: “I would love to taste Krug NV.” This Champagne is a about $125 (find this wine)

Josh of Pinotblogger: “One thing I’d like to receive for father’s day would be a couple more Riedel wine glasses. I break far more than my fair share. :)” [Hmm, maybe Josh should try the impact resistant glasses? -Dr. V]

Lenn of Lenndevours: “My dream present would be: Sherwood House Vineyards a 36-acre vineyard in Mattituck. Cost: a cool $4.1 million. The realistic one: An afternoon in wine country with my wife and son…along with a lunch from Village Cheese Shop and local wines.”

Ah, sounds nice especially since I’ll be in Bordeaux this Sunday away from Mrs. Vino and our son. But if they still wanted to get me some wine related paraphernalia…I’d love a corkscrew that the TSA wouldn’t take away from me when I forget it in my carry-on. But in the event that is not available, I’d settle for the Chateau Laguiole with a handle of red stamina wood (about $129). But I wouldn’t want to sacrifice THAT one to the TSA!

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6 Responses to “What do wine geeks want for Father’s Day?”

  1. I’m going to go with Pinotblogger. I need some more specific Riedel stemware for my reviews and tastings. The downside is I have to wash them by hand. Our dishwasher is a glass killer.

  2. Anyone interested in helping me fulfill my dream – just email me and I will give you my mailing address.

    Thanks Dr Vino for making my dreams come true.

  3. I remember not that long ago the guys at Pinotblogger didn’t think that glasses made any difference to the wine. http://www.pinotblogger.com/2006/07/29/top-10-wine-myths/
    Has he changed his view? Good choice though.

  4. Paul,

    Man, skewered by my own words! Good catch, but in my defense I use the bigger glasses because I enjoy them (look, can get a nice swirl with the larger bowl etc.), not because they are able to bring out the aroma or bouquet of the wine any better than an ISO glass.

    However, there is an economist named Justin Wolfers who claims that he has proven that his wine glasses make wine taste better (http://www.american.com/archive/2007/may-june-magazine-contents/a-bettor-world), so perhaps there is something to it after all.

    Still I think that the glasses you uses says more about how seriously you take wine (for me, pretty seriously) than anything else.

    Thanks for the tip on the break resistant crystal Tyler. I’m going to get a whole set!

  5. Josh, I’m always glad to see more converts to quality stemware. What the Riedel and similar glasses do well is not the improvements they make to how the wine appears, it’s that they don’t exaggerate deficiencies in a particular style, appellation, or variety.
    If you want to know how wrong it can be try a tannic Cabernet Sauvignon in the Sauvignon Blanc glass.
    My tip for not breaking them is never wash them the same night you’ve been drinking!

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