Wine heist, part trois

The plot thickens! First, $500,000 of rare Bordeaux goes missing from a restaurant in Sweden last August. “Only 600 bottles of the best wine were stolen. They did not take any of the cheaper wines. They were real professionals,” Lars Fagerlund, restaurant manager, told

Then in late December, the “big wine caper” took place in the well-heeled enclave of Atherton, California. Thieves cracked the electronic code and stole 450 super-premium bottles of wine. The New York Times wrote that “There was no sign of forced entry, indicating the possibility of an inside job…The perpetrator had a discerning palate, leaving behind lesser vintages. The average bottle stolen was reported to be worth $222.”

Now news is coming out of Bordeaux of yet another heist. “Over €600,000 of first growth and other top Bordeaux wines have been stolen from one of France’s oldest negociant houses in a heist which bears all the hallmarks of an inside job,” reports

Wow, international intrigue, precious wine, savvy thieves–someone had better alert a screen writer and Catherine Zeta-Jones! THIS is the wine screenplay they have been waiting for! (Sorry, Russell Crowe)

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8 Responses to “Wine heist, part trois”

  1. A more interesting plot line than Sideways, but I fear many collectors would allow Catherine to violate their cellar.

  2. How about Nick Cage and Angelina Jolie for Gone in 60 Seconds part two?

  3. It happened in Italy as well few years ago I think the Enoteca Pinchiorri cellars got hit.
    In the movie I will see better Pierce Brosman than Nicolas Cage 🙂
    Dr Vino do you have another get together event planned I will love to come this time.

  4. haha great suggestions! We need to get Hugh Grant in there somewhere. And a cameo for Sean Connery. Screenwriters, take out your MacBook Pros and get thee to a Starbucks!

    Thanks for adding the Italian part too, Gabrio. Yet more material! Thanks for your interest in the next NYC meetup. I’m thinking week after next….East Village? LES? March 8? Details to follow. It will be nice to meet you.



  5. Here is how I see the movie:
    Pierce is a famous thief; we are in the year 2020 the heat made disappear 90% of the vineyards in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Piedmont and Tuscany.
    I see Sean Connery as the old rich guy that cannot renounce to the good juices and decide to hire Pierce to gather the best collection of wine still existing around the world.
    Hugh Grant is the chief of the Interpol in charge of the investigation.
    Caterina could be Sean’s wife and I also see Monica Bellucci as the bad girl that eventually sleeps with Hugh and Nicole Kidman as the Pierce’s skilled girlfriend.
    I think the locations should be Japan, were Mr. Kumamoto has more than 100 000 bottles in his cellar, Italy were a huge earthquake buried the Giacomo Conterno underground cellars supposedly containing 50000 bottles dating back to the early 1900s.
    Than obviously France with Mr. Roland retired winemaker that now dedicate his life to drink what he had made, London, at this time completely underwater and the new Atlantis New York a huge dome under 500 ft of water were people are allowed to live there just if they worth more than 10 billion dollars with the highest level of security ever placed in earth.
    What you guys think so far can the movie make it to the Razzie awards?

  6. Sounds great, Gabrio! I’d pay $10 to go and see that movie!!

  7. I can only see Johnny Depp in the lead – as the discerning wine thief – who can speak multiple languages!

    He steals the wine for his mistress (played by non other than Scarlett Johansson) who lives in a cabin with an underground cellar in the Austrian alps!

  8. […] boyfriend arrested after brazen wine heist” My hopes for a Catherine Zeta-movie called “Inside Job” crashed and burned after this news story […]


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