Leaders and liters of wine: French presidential contenders 2007

This is the first in a periodic series on leaders and the wines they drink.

France has presidential elections in April and May (two rounds, like the best bar stops). Just where do the candidates stand on the important issues? Forget such trivial details as policy positions. What are their views on our single issue–wine?! Fortunately the current issue of La Revue du Vin de France has done the heavy lifting for us. Roll it:

Nicolas Sarkozy: Currently ahead in the polling, this candidate of the center-right might like French wine? WRONG! “He believes you cannot reconcile alcohol with frenetic activity,” the magazine reports. And in a photo published by the magazine of a sherry tasting in Spain, Sarkozy is seen raising a glass dourly.
Dr. Vino appoints this candidate to: rural town council

Segolene Royal: While working as an adviser to late president Francois Mitterrand in the 1980s, the other leading candidate “learned that eating and drinking were the two pillars of the French art de vivre.” WHAT?! Now 54, why did it take her til the 1980s to work this out?
Dr. Vino appoints this candidate: Senator

Domique Voynet: The Green Party candidate may not have a shot at landing in the Elysee Palace, but apparently she is the clear choice for wine lovers! “She can list dozens of good wines from the Jura region and not only organic ones,” the magazine said. Well, good for her!
Dr. Vino appoints this candidate: President

Francois Bayrou: Though hardly known outside of France, Bayrou gets the most improved wine lover award. The magazine reports that “though he started late his first experience was a special one.” Bayrou has told friends that his first big wine binge cured his stammer. Wow. What ailment can red wine NOT cure?!?
Dr. Vino appoints this candidate: Minister of Health

José Bové: This anti-globalization activist and declared candidate is not included in the RVF piece. But he sure ain’t drinking Chilean wine. I’d put him down for a rustic red from the Languedoc.
Dr. Vino appoints this candidate: governor of a breakaway province

Jean-Marie Le Pen: The spoiler in 2002, Le Pen has not yet officially entered the race. You’d expect him to keep it national. But deep down, he has a secret affinity for California cabs…. nay, Algerian wine… or, maybe even…FUEHRERWEIN!
Dr. Vino appoints this candidate to: exile to Tangiers

Source: RVF via Yahoo (sadly RVF doesn’t see the importance of web content)

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5 Responses to “Leaders and liters of wine: French presidential contenders 2007”

  1. Truly hilarious!

  2. […] know that President Nicolas Sarkozy doesn’t drink alcohol because he said he is “too busy” (even if we caught him having a glass of Sancerre on […]

  3. […] decline of enjoying wine in the political class in France–as evidenced first and foremost by President Sarkozy. He told me in exasperation that a former prime minister was in for lunch yesterday and he […]

  4. This was fun! Can you do one for Belgium? The UK? USA? Other countries? Huh? PLease?

  5. I personally love Algerian wine! Funny idea to write about this and I love the “leader and liters” joke!


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