Enomatic lands in Fairfax VA

This just in from a Washington, DC tipster:
The new Whole Foods store that recently opened in Fairfax has a secret wine tasting room and cellar upstairs from their main floor wine area. It’s not marked or advertised but upstairs are dozens of by the pour/nitrogen flushed bottles of all manner of wines in all price ranges. The customer buys a card that is inserted into the card reader at the selected wine and then designates the pour size. The cost by the pour is deducted from the clients card. A great way to sample some primo vino and I expect it will evolve into a destination for those that really want to expand their horizons in what would otherwise be inaccessible wines! I need a machine like that at my house!

A call to the store revealed that, yes, the store has ten of the Italian “enomatic” machines that substitute capital for bartenders. Each machine costs $10,000 and holds eight bottles. The 30-seat upstairs “enoteca” with a “bridge view” of the store itself is not so much a secret as it is yet to be signposted–the store opened on January 17. Props to you, tipster, for having sniffed it out.

Pours are available in one, three, and five ounce sizes and range from $1 to $30 an ounce for the 1996 Domaine de la Romanee Conti Echezaux (find this wine: WF price is $600 a bottle; another nearby vendor has it for $350 if you decide to go nuts and buy a whole bottle). Cheese and olive plates can be ordered from downstairs–no word on when this food delivery will be automated. Perhaps the best news is that the members of the George Mason community and other locals will be able to tap the vino seven days a week from 11 AM – 9 PM.

Whole Foods Market – Fairfax (Fair Lakes)
go to beer and wine department at the back and climb the staircase
4501 Market Commons Dr
Fairfax, VA 22033
Phone: 703.222.2058

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15 Responses to “Enomatic lands in Fairfax VA”

  1. Just visited last weekend, very very cool place, hope it’s gonna stay this way, no WiFi in the bar though 🙁

  2. Hi DR.Vino – firstly congrats on the nominations for the awards – well deserved!

    We have a very similar concept here is South Africa. It has only just launched but has been well received – view the site here: http://www.winesense.co.za

    I didn’t realize those machines cost so much!!

  3. wifi in a bar? Eeww.

  4. Anonymous #1- glad you checked it out for a double verification!

    Cru Master – Thanks! Glad those Rolls Royce autobars are gracing your shores.

    Anon #2: hmm, tough call. I agree it’s odd at face value to have WiFi in a wine bar. But this is a different kind of wine bar since (a) it’s in a supermarket and (b) it’s self-serve.

    But since I like having as many of the good things in life–such as wine, WiFi, and wholesome produce–under one roof, I’d have to say that I’m w/ anon #1 on this one. WFMI needs WIFI.

  5. Hello Friend,

    Finally took a break from my local winery and vineyard tours and checked out this new state of the art tatting room at Whole Foods early this week. I love those machines and wish I could have one in my home! Had such a nice time I’m going back this weekend for a sip of some of the premium wines.

    The store is only 30 minutes away from me so expect a few more reports! Have a great weekend friend. Posted some pictures of the tasting room and the 10 wine-bots!


  6. I heard something about a wine bistro opening in McLean, VA that will have those machines. Anyone know anything about it?

  7. I heard there is a new wine bistro opening in McLean that will have four of the Enomatic Machines. It is going to be called EVO Bistro and is expected to open in late June. The will be serving Mediterranean tapas along with the wine. Should have a better atmosphere than a grocery store for tasting wines while still being casual and inviting.

  8. The more research I did I found that they have a website http://www.evobistro.com. I hope they open soon. The problem I have with Whole Foods is that they don’t switch out their wines. I feel like I have tried them all! Let’s hope this place is different.

    I would love to go somewhere to do the wine tasting where I can sit and hang with my friends too. If anyone gets anymore info on it please let me know.

  9. Any update on Evo Bistro? I heard they are opening in September now? No info on their website.

  10. Evo Bistro is open!

    1313 Old Chain Bridge Rd.
    McLean, VA 22101

    Their wine machines are awesome and so is the food. Great new opening!

  11. The higher end French wines at Whole Foods are extremely overpriced. Typically, they almost double the fair price. Some examples….Calon Segur, Nenin..in the $150 range….same wines, same year, at total wine, costco, or online is in the $70-80

  12. […] enomatic, a $10,000 machine that spits out wine pours, has landed in New York is not news (unlike in Fairfax, VA): Union Square Wines installed six of the machines when they moved to their new location (map it) […]

  13. Ok… Enomatics everywhere. Last weekend we went to Middleburg for the 1st anniv of WhiteBench (awesome furniture and accessories store with occasional wine tastings) and ran into a new establishment called The Tasting Room, which was equipped with a Enoround. It’s owned by John Kent Cook’s son and besides the decor (like a cafeteria), it was very cool. Heard that there’s one opening at the Reston Town Center in Feb.

    Then today we were in Great Falls having lunch at the Brogue and next door at the new wine store (forget the name) they were having caviar/salmon/wine tasting and they had 2 Enoline 8’s. $0 in FFX Co. for tasting unless you serve food. We found out that they just opened a sister store at the TownCenter as well so we went over to Reston and tried their smaller version where they have a Enomatic 8.

    Needless to say, we’re seeing them everywhere. The more the better!

  14. […] a card system to purchase tasting credits and sample as much as they like. According to a Dr. Vino blog post, you can even taste a $600 bottle of 1996 Domaine de la Romanée Conti Echezaux for $30 an […]

  15. […] fine wine; SIPPED: regulations Fancy enomatic machines can store and open bottle of wine for days, if not weeks. Thus stores (and bars) can use […]


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