David Sinclair bites the grape that feeds him

“I don’t care about red wine,” Dr. David Sinclair told the Boston Globe in a story that ran on Monday. Why should we care that he doesn’t care?

Sinclair, associate professor in Harvard Medical School’s Department of Pathology, is the lead researcher in the much-reported study about resveratrol and aging. He and his research team found that resveratrol extended life in yeast cells first, then tried it on mice. The mice not only lived longer but had lower incidence of diabetes.

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring component in red wine among other things. Lab mice were given the equivalent amount of resveratrol as a human would find in 300 glasses of wine.

So what’s up with the ‘tude, dude? Why denigrate red wine in it’s entirety? Where’s the respect for the French Paradox? Or intellectual curiosity? Or gastronomic adventure? He’s from Australia, after all. He may win a medal one day for his research on aging, but I doubt anyone is going to send him a case of shiraz with an attitude like that toward the fruits of the vine.

The 37 year old researcher is obsessed with mortality (if he wants to postpone death, what does he do with his equally inevitable tax payments?). “Aging is the worst thing that has ever been put upon humanity,” he told the Globe. Well, I guess he’ll be popping pills–not corks–til he’s old and crinkly. But he might just want to chill out from time to time, live that long life a bit, and have a glass of old vine grenache.

“His research targets the aging process”, Boston Globe
Sinclair Lab, with pics of him and his research team
Resveratrol now promises cardiovascular sloth” [Dr. V]
BREAKING: resveratrol extends life and promises free gluttony” [Dr. V]

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15 Responses to “David Sinclair bites the grape that feeds him”

  1. Hear! Hear! The man’s got to factor “quality of life” into his pill-popping vitameataregimen. (Sorry, Lucy.)

  2. […] startup focuses on the anti-aging properties of the red wine component resveratrol. How will red wine hater David Sinclair celebrate his […]

  3. Sinclair is sick of talking about red wine because he has to lie about it. He says you have to drink 1000 bottles to get the benefits of resveratrol. That is garbage. Last year they say 300 glasses (which is still alot but not 1000 bottles): the fact is, there is not magic cutoff amout. Sirtris chose to throw out the 1000 bottles line becuase they don’t want any substitutes for their drugs (which they will make much money on). If one can by resveratrol, off the shelf at a drug store, for say the price of an aspirin (yes resveratrol prices are coming down as resveratrol is commoditized), why would I buy their pill? They are sending false messages to the public for (mainly) greed. Sad.

  4. Dr. Sinclair

    Which company has the best Resveratrol? I am so confused by all the ads in the web.

    Thank you

  5. Hello Dr. Sinclair

    Which company has the best Resveratrol? Do you have a main site I can go onto and order this amazing product?

    Regards, Sara

  6. Hi Dr. Sinclair,
    I enjoy reading about Resveratrol. Which company brand has the highest quality of this supplement should I purchase? There are too many ads out there and they add other ingredients to their pills. I would appreciate your reply,
    Keep up the good research!

  7. Dr. Sinclair already partnered with a the #1 natural nutrition company to produce a pure and potent resveratrol tonic. It is the only one that was produced with and introduced to the market by Sinclair.

    I was there when he introduced it and told the audience about his research.

    1 daily dose yields the resveratol in 100 glasses of red wine.

    You can go to resveratrolplus.com for more info.

    I take it every day. It tastes great. You take one teaspoon a day.
    My brown/age spots are fading and I have more energy than I’ve had in 10 years.


  8. Dear Dr. Sinclair :
    Today after I read about you, and the amazing discovery I feel diferent I HAVE HOPE for long future… I’ve been diagnose with diabetes Type 2 ,two(2) years ago; I started with pills,
    now I have to apply insuline every night.
    I am 45 but I feel like 80.
    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  9. Dear Dr. Sinclair’
    Plz tell which brand of resveratrol should
    I buy. There are so many brands. I am really
    confused. Thank you so much for your time.

  10. Dear Dr.Sinclair:
    Please advise me which resveratrol brand I
    should buy. There are so many brands and I
    am really confused. Thank you so much for
    your time.

  11. there are many Resveratrol in market with different strengths, one particular i have question about and that is Resmedin which is 600 mg? what is your personal thoughts about this product?

  12. Hi i’m a 51 year old woman in search for my youth and i greatly appreciate you doing this. Thanks a lot.

  13. Dear Dr Sinclair,

    Thank you for your wonderful work. Keep it up.
    Which brand of Resveratrol do you recommend?

  14. […] developing a “red wine pill,” or a concentrated dose of resveratrol developed by the red-wine hater David Sinclair. Reuters reports that clinical trials of SRT501 have been suspended because of “unexpected […]

  15. Sinclair’s research is important but also overrated. There are over 3000 known compounds in red wine, and they may exert a huge number of biochemical effects singly or in combination.

    Some of those compounds may make you live longer. All of them make you live better.


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