The price is right, part deux

Congratulations to Jack of Fork & Bottle who correctly guessed the price I paid for the 5L box of rosé! Five liters, 12 euros, now that’s a price per ounce that I can drink to! At about $15 a box, that works out to the equivalent of about $2.25 a regular bottle.

The dry rosé was an appellation Bergerac wine from Chateau Tiregand ( find this wine). They actually sell a similar rosé in a bottle for 4.50 euros but why pay that when you can have a bag-in-a-box for your summer time refreshment? Kept on the fridge shelf, the rosé flows fresh for several weeks. Whenever a friend or neighbor drops by–bang!–a cool glass can great them upon arrival. I wish more restaurants would offer wine-by-the-glass from a bag-in-the-box–providing that it is worthwhile wine to start–since it solves the freshness problem that plagues many restaurants.

The rose is very dark in color in part since it is from malbec and cabernet franc grapes. If rosé is a wine that straddles red and white, this one leans much more toward red. It’s got heft–maybe even a little more than needed in the middle of summer (I was caught adding an ice cube to mine for chilling and diluting purposes–but hey at least it was an Evian ice cube!).

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9 Responses to “The price is right, part deux”

  1. I’ve been thinking for a few years that inexpensive quality 3L-5L boxed wine is going to storm America. Why is it taking so long?

    Why don’t you find a dozen NZ sauvignon blancs, a dozen Bordeaux’s, and a dozen Spanish reds boxed/sold this way in American? I think this could easily become 10% or more of the US wine market.

  2. Eegad!! Target now is selling a “wine cube.” link here Not a bad idea but with no producer’s name on the label–and one a cab-shiraz blend!–I am skeptical. I suppose I shouldn’t knock it til I try it, quote.

  3. We love the idea of the Bag in a Box and have found the Black Box brand to be good. Any word as to when/if this may be available in the US? It looks as though it’s vacant from our shelves at this time!!!

  4. Thanks for the tip NYDaddy–I’ll have to look out for that one (although with a name like that, you don’t know what might be in there!).

    I just checked the co web site ( and found that it is available at Astor, Warehouse wines, and various other places in the city. Cheers,

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