Judge this wine by its label

Would more labels like this help Bordeaux wines sell in the US? I think so. A lot of the talk about reviving Bordeaux wine beyond the top 200 wines (there are over 10,000 vignerons in the region) focuses on the need for consolidation and big brands to rival American and Australian brands. While that may be true, clever packaging such as this may help save smaller producers. This 4,000 case wine comes from the Laurencin family winery in the Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux.

This is an example of the varietal labeling phenomenon of appellation wines from Bordeaux.

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8 Responses to “Judge this wine by its label”

  1. looks interesting. Where in Manhattan can one find such a wine?

  2. It’s only available now in Beverages and More stores in California according to Gilles Laurencin.

    The importer is: Exclusive Imports, South Gate CA. 310-247-3800

  3. I think its an exciting step forward. Rightly or wrongly most American’s don’t understand French wine, so the more people that can put variatal’s on the label the more wine the French will sell.

  4. that label is great…

    a few different wines with labels like that, competetive price points ($10-$25) and the French could definitely grow their market share.

    In terms of quality in the low-end, at least for reds, California tends to have a gap. Competetively priced, high quality and well-labelled french wines could fill that void.

  5. A good step forward for them. Despite having a good wine, it is as much a marketing game these days. I have seen many people turn away from French wine because they just did not know what was in the bottle, and sadly enough, other people buy a wine because the bottle was sexy.

  6. I’m Gilles the wine maker and the CABS’creator. Our main aim at the beginning was to create a simple label and an easy drinking wine, fruity with soft tanins.

    I had the idea of CABS in San Francisco in 2003. During a dinner with friends I heard that everybody “cut” the different names of the grape varieties: cab for cab sauvignon, zin for zinfandel. 3 months later it was the CABS’birth.
    I tried to adapt our Old World rules to the people needs.

  7. Thanks for giving us a little of the “backstory” Gilles! Who came up with the idea of a black cab?

    Btw, I just checked the bevmo web site and they sell the wine for $8 a bottle. Yummy!

  8. The first idea was to introduce CABS to the british market, that’s the reason why we chose a english black cab.


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